Martin Firrell
Girl on Girl
The 'Still Revolting' series marks 50 years since the founding of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) in the UK and the beginning of the modern LGBT+ rights movement.

The series is comprised of three large format digital billboards, based on an original placard by human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, a former member of the GLF.

In 1973, Tatchell marched at London Pride under the slogan 'homosexuals are revolting'. In conversation with the artist he recalled: 'I thought, turn it on its head: people think we are revolting; no, no, we are REVOLTING! fighting back, you know.'
Five decades later, Firrell reponds with 'Homosexuals Are Still Revolting' reflecting the truth that homosexuality is still regarded as intolerable by some and many LGBT+ people are still struggling for acceptance, security and equality.

The Peter Tatchell Foundation is still campaigning for LGBT+ equality around the world and you can support the foundation's vital work by making a donation

'Still Revolting' quotes visually from the work of the German photographer Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856 – 1931) one of the first photographers of expressly erotic and homoerotic nudes.

The artist adds, 'I took the decision to present these artworks in rich pink/red wine/scarlet tones, bordello colours if you like. I thought this reflected the 'juicy' or 'saucy' humour of many past GLF protests.'

According to the artist, 'Girl on Girl is intended to champion lesbian visibility: a woman responds auto-erotically to her own image in the mirror, or perhaps she is about to kiss her lesbian lover.'
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Still Revolting
Large Format Digital Billboard
UK, October 2020
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