Martin Firrell
Protest Is Liberty's Ally
April 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of the death of Blair Peach (25 March 1946 - 23 April 1979). He was injured as he took part in an anti-fascist demonstration in Southall, and died the next day in Ealing hospital.

8000 sikhs visited the Dominion cinema, Southall (now demolished) to pay their last respects to Blair Peach on the eve of his funeral.

The great American reformer, Dr Martin Luther King, counselled that equality was everyone's responsibility. He urged the civil rights movement to embrace its white 'brothers and sisters', encouraging them to march side by side in a joint struggle for equality.

'Protest Is Liberty's Ally', asserts the importance of demonstrations of solidarity. Vibrantly expressed dissent can be regarded as a measure of a society's health. When protests are crushed or disallowed, for example, everyone knows a society is in trouble.
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