Martin Firrell
Men Are Really Great
In this work, the idea that 'Men Are Really Great' may be taken at face value or it can be regarded as a statement of potential: any man has the capacity to become great.

Depending on the position of the reader, it might also be interpreted as ironic. History is filled with examples where men have remained 'great' by barring other groups (women, non-white men and women, LGBT+ people) from positions of power or influence.

This work includes an image of
Eugen Sandow
the world's first professional body builder.
Sandow measured the proportions of statues in museum collections in order to develop his own physique to resemble the Greek ideal.

Sandow's face is obscured by the work's text indicating that it is the symbolism of the ideal, rather than Sandow himself, which is of interest to the artist.

This artwork is part of, a mass public art project by public artist
Martin Firrell
calling for greater social justice.

It aims to create debate about power and gender, women's equality and masculinity, alternative forms of economic and social organisation, black power, and solidarity between people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

It includes posters, publications and events supported in 2018-19 by the artist's residency with leading Out of Home media company
Clear Channel UK.
Part Of
Digital billboard
UK, January 2019
Supported by
Clear Channel UK
Hi-res image
A New Sandow Pose (VII)
Wellcome Collection