Martin Firrell
Billboard on the Highway
The artwork 'Billboard on the Highway' appears on a billboard on the highway. This self-referential, almost hallucinatory aspect is intended to stimulate higher levels of consciousness - an enduring preoccupation of the 1960s counter culture movement.

The artwork instructs the viewer to control their anger. The control of anger - and of all emotions - is the essential first step on the path to equanimity and peace.

It stands to reason that 'Billboard on the Highway' is most complete as an artwork when appearing on a billboard on the highway, viewed by someone taking control of their anger.

'Billboard on the Highway' is part of, a mass public art project by public artist
Martin Firrell
calling for greater social justice.

It aims to create debate about power and gender, women's equality and masculinity, alternative forms of economic and social organisation, black power, and solidarity between people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

It includes posters, publications and events supported in 2018-19 by the artist's residency with leading Out of Home media company
Clear Channel UK.
Part Of
Counter Culture Rising
Digital billboard
UK, January 2020
Hi-res image
Artist in Residence, Clear Channel UK